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Our client, a seasoned trader in the financial markets, faced numerous challenges in managing multiple trading accounts across various platforms. They struggled with time-consuming manual monitoring, missed trading opportunities, and the need to automate trading alerts. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they turned to our software company, which introduced Cordly, a powerful multi-trading platform designed to revolutionize their trading experience.

Client Challenges

The client's challenges included :

  • Managing multiple trading accounts: The client found it challenging to monitor and manage multiple accounts across different platforms simultaneously.
  • Missed trading opportunities: Due to manual monitoring, the client often missed out on critical trading signals and timely market opportunities.
  • Lack of automated alerts: The client desired a solution that could automate trading alerts and deliver real-time notifications to their trading accounts.
  • Integration requirements: The client wanted to leverage the features of their preferred trading platforms while still benefiting from a centralized solution for efficient account management.

Cordly's Solution

Cordly addressed the client's challenges through the following features :

  • Unified account management: Cordly provided a unified platform where the client could consolidate and manage all their trading accounts in one place, simplifying their workflow.
  • Automated trading alerts: By seamlessly integrating with platforms like TradingView and Telegram, Cordly automated trading alerts, delivering real-time signals directly to the client's trading accounts.
  • Integration with preferred platforms: Cordly offered seamless integration with popular trading platforms like MT-4 and MT-5, allowing the client to leverage Cordly's automation features while still utilizing their preferred platforms.

Automation and AI Technology

Cordly's integration of advanced AI technology, specifically Wit, offered the following benefits :

  • Automated interpretation of trading messages: Cordly utilized AI algorithms to read and interpret various forms of trading-related communication, such as chat messages, market news, and social media updates.
  • Swift response to market changes: Leveraging AI technology, Cordly responded quickly to market shifts and executed trades based on predefined parameters without the need for manual intervention.
  • Enhanced trading accuracy: By automating trade execution, Cordly minimized human errors and improved overall trading accuracy, resulting in better trading outcomes for the client.

Enhanced Security Measures

Cordly prioritized the security of the client's trading accounts and sensitive information through the following measures :

  • Advanced network security: Cordly implemented robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access and potential threats to the client's trading accounts.
  • Encryption and secure protocols: Cordly utilized encryption techniques and secure protocols to ensure secure communication between the platform and the client's devices.
  • Fund protection: Cordly emphasized that it never had direct access to client funds, which remained securely held within their chosen trading platforms.

Seamless Setup and Configuration

Cordly offered a user-friendly setup process that facilitated a smooth onboarding experience for the client :

  • Integration with TradingView and Telegram: The client easily connected their TradingView and Telegram accounts to Cordly, enabling seamless integration and real-time trading alerts.
  • Configuration of trading settings: Cordly's intuitive interface guided the client through the configuration of their desired trading settings, including trade execution rules, risk management parameters, and personalization options.

Technology Stack

Cordly was built using cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

  • Responsive user interface: Cordly employed NextJS and Node JS to create a responsive and interactive user interface, facilitating a seamless user experience.
  • Integration with trading platforms: Cordly utilized MQL (MetaQuotes Language) for seamless integration with popular trading platforms like MT-4 and MT-5, ensuring efficient communication and synchronization.
  • Robust data management: Cordly leveraged MongoDB as the database system, providing efficient storage and retrieval of trading data.
  • Secure infrastructure: Cordly was hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which offered a secure and scalable infrastructure for the platform's operation.
  • Load balancing techniques: Cordly implemented load balancing techniques to optimize performance, distribute workloads, and maintain responsiveness, even during peak trading periods.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Cordly resulted in several tangible benefits for the client.

  • Streamlined account management: Cordly's unified platform enabled the client to manage their multiple trading accounts efficiently, saving time and effort.
  • Elimination of missed trading opportunities: The automated trading alerts provided by Cordly ensured that the client stayed informed about critical market signals, eliminating the chance of missing valuable trading opportunities.
  • Integration with preferred platforms: Cordly's integration with the client's preferred trading platforms allowed them to leverage Cordly's advanced features while continuing to use the functionalities and tools they were accustomed to.
  • Improved trading accuracy and profitability: Cordly's AI-powered automation enhanced trading accuracy by minimizing human errors and executing trades based on predefined parameters, leading to improved trading outcomes and profitability for the client.




Saas, Marketing


February 28, 2022



Cordly successfully addressed the client's challenges by providing a comprehensive solution for efficient trading account management, automated trading alerts, and integration with preferred trading platforms. The integration of AI technology, robust security measures, a user-friendly setup process, and a cutting-edge technology stack contributed to the client's enhanced trading efficiency and profitability. Cordly exemplified our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of traders in the dynamic trading industry.